The Research Committee is involved with numerous activities directed at helping to enable and support research in musculoskeletal oncology. Only through research are we able to develop better outcomes for patients afflicted with a variety of aggressive diseases that not only have the potential to threaten patients’quality of life and function but can also in many cases be quite deadly. Our members have demonstrated academic and research prowess in order to enter the ranks of our Society. We partner with the other disciplines such as medical and pediatric oncology, radiation therapy and full time laboratory investigators to unlock the mysteries of the diseases we treat. While the Society meets formally twice a year we have ongoing research endeavors throughout the year.

Compared to other cancer and cancer-like conditions, orthopaedic oncologic diseases are relatively rare. Accordingly, funding for research in orthopaedic oncology is scarce. If you wish to make a donation to help us better care and cure patients we would be delighted to provide you with additional information.


Mentored Research and Scholar Development Program Award

MSTS is enthusiastic about nurturing a culture of discovery and fostering mentorship for our Society. MSTS has established a new Mentored Research and Scholar Development Program Award. The purpose of the award is to foster mentorship, enhance collaborative research and facilitate career advancement for young MSTS Candidate/Associate/Active Members.

Please click here for further information on award descriptions and sample grants.


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October 6-10

Orlando, FL

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