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Inappropriate Excision of Unrecognized Soft Tissue Sarcoma

The Evidence Based Medicine Committee has completed work on an Information Statement, "Inappropriate Excision of Unrecognized Soft Tissue Sarcoma." This information Statement by the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (MSTS) was developed as an educational tool based on the available literature and opinion of the authors. It is not a product of a systematic review. Readers are encouraged to consider the information presented and reach their own conclusions.

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Use of Imaging Prior to Referral to a Musculoskeletal Oncologist

The following is a summary of the recommendations of the MSTS systematic literature
review on the Use of Imaging Prior To Referral to a Musculoskeletal Oncologist. All
readers of this summary are strongly urged to consult the full guideline and evidence
report for this information. We are confident that those who read the full guideline and
evidence report will see that the recommendations were developed using systematic
evidence-based processes designed to combat bias, enhance transparency, and promote

This summary of recommendations is not intended to stand alone. Treatment decisions
should be made in light of all circumstances presented by the patient. Treatments and
procedures applicable to the individual patient rely on mutual communication between
patient, physician, and other healthcare practitioners.

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Guidelines for Specialist Referral in Newly Identified Bone Lesions

Although the detection of abnormal skeletal findings on plain radiographs is common, the subsequent management can be a source of concern and uncertainty for medical providers. This information statement is directed toward “front line” medical personnel, such as primary care physicians, pediatricians, advanced practice providers, and orthopaedic generalists and specialists without training in oncology, who often are the first to evaluate radiographs and recognize an underlying skeletal abnormality. Our goal is to provide a simple, algorithmic framework for managing patients with newly identified bone lesions.

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Information Statements

Current Distribution of MSTS Members In The United States

In the 40 years since the establishment of the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (MSTS), the membership has grown from the 17 founders in 1977, to over 100 orthopaedic oncologists in 2000, to over 200 in 2017. Each year, an average of 12-13 musculoskeletal oncology fellows are trained and enter practice, outnumbering the number of physicians retiring. This information statement is a snapshot of the current distribution of MSTS members in the United States. In order to continue gathering accurate information in the future, the Evidence Based Medicine Committee encourages all active MSTS members to ensure that their information in the MSTS website is current and accurate.

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