History of MSTS

The Musculoskeletal Tumor Society was founded in 1977, and was incorporated in Rochester, Minnesota in 1989, with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information on tumors of the musculoskeletal system.

MSTS Founders

Edwin G. Bovill, MD — San Francisco, California

Michael Bonfiglio, MD — Iowa City, Iowa

Crawford Campbell, MD — Boston, Massachusetts

William F. Enneking, MD — Gainesville, Florida

Michael M. Lewis, MD — New York, New York

John T. Makley, MD — Cleveland, Ohio

Ralph C. Marcove, MD — New York, New York

Henry Mankin, MD — Boston, Massachusetts

James H. McMaster, MD — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Eugene R. Mindell, MD — Buffalo, New York

Walid A. Mnaymneh, MD — Miami, Florida

Donald Morton, MD — Los Angeles, California

John Murray, MD — Houston, Texas

Douglas J. Pritchard, MD — Rochester, Minnesota

Franklin H. Sim, MD — Rochester, Minnesota

George W. Simons, III, MD — Chicago, Illinois

William S. Smith, MD — Ann Arbor, Michigan