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Welcome to the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society! The MSTS is the premier North American society related to the care of patients with musculoskeletal tumors with a focus on surgical treatment of benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors and metastatic bone disease. We welcome members and nonmembers to the website where you can find information on treatment of different tumors, practice location of orthopaedic oncologists, research opportunities, upcoming meeting information, and fellowship/job information. Contact information for the members of the society can be found on the Members Only section.  For help with your password, contact MSTS staff at info@msts.org.

During the 2013 Annual meeting in San Francisco, a strategic planning session was held for 9 hours after completion of the formal scientific meeting. Much of the discussion was focused on the input received from the MSTS membership in the form of the recent member survey. In order to get a wide range of experience and input, the strategic planning group consisted of the following individuals:

Kristy Weber, MD
Richard Terek, MD
Ted Parsons, MD, FACS
Robert Quinn, MD
John Healey, MD, FACS
Edward Cheng, MD
Joseph Benevenia, MD
Douglas McDonald, MD
R. Lor Randall, MD, FACS

Michelle Ghert, MD
Valerae Lewis, MD
Ben Miller, MD
Richard O’Donnell, MD
Kurt Weiss, MD
Jennifer Jones, CAE, MSTS Staff
Angela Schnepf, CAE, MSTS Staff
Susan Decker, Professional Facilitator

Issues were discussed related to MSTS membership categories, national/international/collaborative meeting locations, transparency, research/education focus, and fundraising.  The mission and vision statements were reviewed.  The planning group will finalize its work over the next 2 months and a draft set of new bylaws incorporating some of the proposed changes for the Society will be sent to the membership in January, 2014 for review/comment prior to a formal vote at MSTS Specialty Day in New Orleans. 

Expect to see more communication to the membership about opportunities for participation and leadership within the Society. Please feel free to contact me or anyone on the Executive Committee if you have suggestions or questions about the Society this year.

With warm regards,
Kristy Weber, MD
MSTS President

2015 Annual Meeting

October 6-10

Orlando, FL

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